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Cloud Absorption Radiometer (CAR)

Code 613


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Charles Gatebe - Principal Investigator

Phone: 301-614-6228

Fax: 301-614-6307

Email: E-mail Charles Gatebe

Cloud Absorption Radiometer (CAR), Code Code 613
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland USA 20771


Dr. Charles K. Gatebe and his group were major players in a number of NASA field programs (SAFARI 2000, CLAMS 2001, INTEX-B 2006, CLASIC 2007, ARCTAS 2008, and Eco3D 2011) that contributed immeasurably to remote sensing of bidirectional reflectance-distribution function (BRDF) of snow, clouds, vegetation, and ocean in three continents (Africa, Greenland, and North America). He has a total of over 300 flight hours and more than 15 years of experience conducting airborne field campaigns. In 2008, during the ARCTAS campaign, he and colleagues conducted the best ever in situ measurements for accuracy analysis of analytical snow BRDF models that led to new models of macroscopic surface roughness that adjust the plane-parallel radiative transfer solution to experimental snow BRF.

Dr. Gatebe received the World Meteorological Organization Young Scientist Award in 2000 and honored in 2007 by NASA GSFC's Climate and Radiation Branch for his outstanding scientific leadership in conducting airborne measurements to elaborate important surface and atmosphere radiative transfer functions and improve remote sensing retrievals of aerosols and clouds. He has won other NASA awards: Best Science Story Award: 2010; NASA Group Achievement Award: 2009 & 2007; NASA GSFC Outstanding Performance in Instrumentation in 2011.



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