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CAR Personnel

Gatebe, Charles
Principal Investigator
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Affiliation USRA/NASA GSFC Phone 301-614-6228
E-Mail Charles Gatebe Fax 301-614-6307

Wu, Dong

Research Scientist

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Affiliation NASA/GSFC Phone 301-614-5784
E-Mail Dong Wu   Fax  

Kharbouche, Said  
Affiliation University College London Phone +44 (0)1483 204 901
E-Mail Said Kharbouche Fax +44 (0)1483 278 312

King, Michael D.
Emeritus Senior Scientist/NASA
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Affiliation University of Colorado Phone 303-492-8099
E-Mail Michael King Fax  

Poudyal, Rajesh
Data Analyst
Affiliation SSAI /NASA GSFC Phone  
E-Mail Rajesh Poudyal Fax  

Román, Miguel O.
Director, EfSI/USRA
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Affiliation USRA Phone 410-740-6267
E-Mail Miguel Roman Fax  

Rush, Kurt D.
Electrical Engineer
Affiliation NASA/GSFC Phone 301-286-1196
E-Mail Kurt Rush Fax  

Gautam, Ritesh
Science Collaborator
Affiliation Environmental Defense Fund Phone  
E-Mail Ritesh Gautam Fax  

Nag, Sreeja  
Affiliation BAERI/NASA GSFC Phone  
E-Mail Sreeja Nag Fax